NDW is driven to deliver excellent returns to our stakeholders. Thats it in a nutshell. However, along the way we are very mindful that our built product meets the needs of the market, is priced correctly, and we have the right people doing the right things "right".

NDW has been in operation since 2003. We develop residential subdivisions, industrial land/building projects and commercial/retail projects. The Company's activities commence at the site analysis phase, progress through to property acquisition, funding and development leading ultimately to the marketing and selling of our product. 

Being a medium sized development company doesn't mean we only cater for small to medium sized development. In fact, with the right partnering the sky is the limit. Our strength is our ability to assess opportunity (and we assess a lot of properties) through our extensive experience, only settling on a small percentage of what we look at.



NDW offers wholesale investors the opportunity to participate in property development ventures. Either call Steve Green on 0412 037 706 or email to register to receive our Offers as they become available.